For high-value goods, high-security is the only option. That’s why we’ve invested in the best people, material handling and
storage equipment available..

Connected by our freight network, our warehouses across North America, Europe, Australia and Asia mean we can offer a
secure, unbroken pipeline to your global markets without compromising on service.

“By taking on all our warehousing needs, Maltacourt made it possible for us to focus on business development and growth.”


Transportation and Logistics Security Solutions Sanity Security Logistics offers technologically advanced security products from long-standing trusted partners, so you can
rest assured that you are maximizing your security investment. While we provide basic security systems, including Intrusion Detection, and Fire and Life Safety, Sanity Security Logistics also offers a wide range of security products that can help
you better address loss prevention and compliance issues.Video solutions, including CCTV, video cameras and high-tech video surveillance systems, can protect your facilities by deterring crime and monitoring high traffic or sensitive areas. Cargo theft can occur anywhere during the loading/unloading, transporting and warehousing process, so video monitoring of these activities and areas is essential.


A high level of customer service sets us apart from other business security providers. We believe it’s the highest level of service you’ll find anywhere in the security industry. Protection 1 service and business security installation technicians are highly trained, hardworking professionals with the resources to deliver excellent customer service.When you call for service, a real live person answers the phone and gets things moving immediately. We don’t put you into
an automatic telephone response system.Unlike most security providers, Protection 1 responds to service calls and resolves them in just one day. We are known for
being brilliant with the basics—and we do what we say we are going to do.


Enterprise Level Solutions
Enterprise Level Solutions
Protection 1 is a national leader when it comes to providing integrated and highly complex network-based solutions for thetransportation and logistics industry. Enterprise level solutions demand a high level of integration capabilities andexpertise beyond traditional security systems. We are experienced with integrating advanced technology security solutionsto help protect your data and critical points of operation along the supply chain


Access Control Systems
Access Control
Access control systems can reduce premise liability by keeping unauthorized individuals out of restricted or sensitive
areas of a warehouse, storage areas and distribution terminals. For instance, you can choose different levels of access for
drivers, loaders, office personnel and others based on employee type or duty, so that only authorized individuals can enter
designated areas of the facility

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