Whether a downed oil rig requiring a part delivery to a remote and hostile environment, or palletized electronics moving to a sophisticated distribution hub, or a dedicated charter aircraft for in-theater military applications, Sanity Security Logistics creates customized air freight solutions for our global clientele. Because Sanity Security Logistics Company books cargo with virtually every available air international carrier, uplift options are robust, frequent and reliable. As a TSA Certified Cargo Screening Facility, Sanity Security Logistics Company has distinguished itself as one of a handful of truly capable partners able to both secure the supply chain and enhance shipment velocity for our clients.


At Sanity Security Logistics We offer full container ocean shipping on as many as 10-12 different “direct” carrier contracts. This enables AIC to offer multiple carriers per trade lane each with variable cut off time, transit times and cost structures. You can fully customize your supply chain to reflect your cargo’s desired timeline: scaled pricing structure, reflecting desired turnaround and cost to most all transits cost requirements.

Need to ship less than a full container, no problem. AIC offers weekly consolidation services to/from over 50 plus countries that we service. Even if you purchase from multiple suppliers within a given geographic region we have the capability to consolidate your “less than container” (LCL) shipments into a single consignee full container – helping you maximize efficiencies and reduce shipping expenses.




At Sanity Security Logistics we complete the inland deliveries of your ocean or air shipments, Aimar Group offer the Land Freight Services.We provide local deliveries to customers premises from our bonded warehouse, as well as pick up′s for consolidated exportsWe also operate bonded trucks allowing delivery of bonded cargo in  Africa, Asia,usa,uk  delivering directly to our own warehouse facilities weekly or byweekly throughout

Sanity Security Logistics has 40 foot refrigerated trailers giving us the ability to move refrigerated goodsWe offer this service on a contractual basis for different fruit and food suppliers to local markets. Sanity Security Logistics moves on a regular basis,