1.What type of cargo does Sanity Security Logistics normally ship?
Sanity Security logistics ships Life Sciences and FDA products,Precious Metals,hight value goods.

2.Volume Shipments
All volume shipments are subject to the same rules and policies that pertain to LTL shipments.

3.Do I need to provide Customs certain documents prior to shipping?
Yes Certain Customs Documents are needed prior to shipments .

4.What type of documents does Sanity Security Logistics need from shipper?
Certificate of ownership

5.How soon can I deliver my cargo (or vehicle) to the loading port?
It all depends on the product shipped and destination port.

6.Where can i ship my products to?
We can ship anywhere in the world.

7.How Can i track my shipment?
You can track your shipment on Track Page on our website with your tracking number

8.Refunds and Cancellations
No refunds will be issued once a shipment has been picked up from the shipper/origin address. You may cancel a shipment if it has not been picked up yet, however cancellation fees may apply depending on the carrier.

9.Sanity Cargo Insurance
Sanity Cargo insurance offers secured insurance scheme to valued customers. Your insurance certificate will be uploaded into your account within 1 business day of booking your shipment. In the case of damage, please report damages with in 3-5 days from the time of delivery and provide us with all required supporting documentation.(Photos of damages, and invoice showing cost of goods) Please be advised that the insurance carrier will deduct a 5% at the time of settlement. Please note that purchasing Sanity Cargo Insurance increases the liability and chances greatly for a full claim grant, Once issued an insurance certificate may not be modified, cancelled, or refunded.

10.What should I do once my Shipment ships?

It is essential that you and the consignee track your shipment and are aware of the ship date and approximate delivery date. It is very important that the consignee is well aware of and expecting the shipment. If the consignee cannot be reached by the carrier, the freight will be held at the carrier’s destination terminal free of charge for 2 days. During this time we will contact you to see if you have a better phone number where the carrier can reach the consignee. After 2 days, if the carrier cannot contact the consignee and delivery has not occurred, we will contact you to see if you want the freight sent back to you or if you want the freight disposed of. If you want the freight sent back, return fees will apply. If after 2 days we are not able to get in contact with you, your shipment will be disposed of.